Water Works History & Information

The Jacksonville Water System was initiated during the Jacksonville Ordinance Plant operation that was built by the Federal Government in 1942 during the World War II era. It consisted of the McCain Water Well Field and the West Water Treatment Plant Facility which was a sand filter/iron removal type water treatment plant.

In the early 1960’s it was determined that another well field was needed to replace the McCain Well Field due to poor water quality and the high cost of treating the water.

In the early to mid 1960’s the new well field was constructed with the first five wells being drilled along Arkansas Highway 294 or Military Road as known to the local residents. At that time the first phase of the East Water Treatment Plant Facility was built at the intersection of Arkansas Highway 294 and Southeastern Avenue where we still treat and pump water from the Military and Remington well fields today.

In 1973 the East Water Treatment Plant Facility was doubled in size and five additional wells were drilled in the Remington Well Field area and a 24″ raw water transmission line was constructed to increase raw water inflow into the newly expanded Water Treatment Facility. At this time the City also constructed a one million gallon Elevated Water Storage Tank located on Ray Road to allow for water pressure stabilization and improvement while providing for future expansion of the public water supply.

In 1978 due to the growth of the City and increasing complexity of the of the water system the Jacksonville City Council approved the formation of a Water Commission to take charge and operate the public water system as a separate entity from the City. The board members appointed at that time were Kenneth Pat Wilson, Whit Davis, and Joe Phillips.

During 1980 with possible water shortages predicted for that summer, the Water Commission approved a water purchase agreement with the North Little Rock Water Department for the purchase of up to 3 million gallons of water per day. At this same time a new 24″ water main was constructed from Oneida Street along West Main Street then heading north along Harris Road to our West Water Treatment Facility increasing the City’s capacity to provide water for the City’s current and future water demands.

In 1983 the Water Commission was expanded to include a five member board. Our Current board members are Jim Peacock (Chairman), Larry Wilson (Vice- chairman), Philip Keaton (Secretary) and Joy Kinman and Dan Davis (Board Members).

During 1992 a 12″ water main was installed from the East Water Treatment Facility on Highway 294 to West Main Street near Shady Lane which created a major southern loop for the southwest portion of the City which greatly improved water flows and pressure in this area of the City.

In 1997 due to strategic water system improvements made by Jacksonville Water Works along with those of Jacksonville Fire Department the Insurance Service Office (ISO) evaluation the City’s fire rating was upgraded from a 3 to a 4.

Currently the City of Jacksonville purchases 3 million gallons of water per day from Central Arkansas Water (formerly North Little Rock Water) and has the capacity to provide an additional 6 million gallons at the East Water Treatment Plant Facility. Our water storage capacity is 7.25 Million gallons which includes 2.25 million gallons of elevated storage and includes a 5 million gallon ground storage reservoir.

The Jacksonville Water System services 10,288 residential and commercial customers as well as supplies water to four wholesale water systems: Little Rock Air Force Base, Cabot Water Works, Furlow Water Users Association, and Grand Prairie/Bayou II Water System.