Rates And Services


  • We check for leaks or reasons for high usage at no charge.
  • We do one adjustment per calendar year if the customer has had a leak and repaired it within 30 days with documentation of proof of repair (such as a plumbers receipt or receipt for parts to repair).
  • 24 Hour Emergency Call number
  • Same Day Service Connection if you come in before 1:00pm.
  • Participate in Arkansas One Call at no charge to the customer.
  • Take payments by phone with Visa or MasterCard.
  • Offer customers extensions twice a year with qualifying circumstances.
  • Offer Bank Draft payment at no charge to the customer.
  • Printable Service Application Form


These are for residential rates only. All other customers (commercial customers) will need to call for rate amounts.

Water – Inside City – Residential
Usage Charge-1,000 Gal.
Minimum 2,000 gallons$9.44
2001-20,000 gallons$6.37 per 1,000
20,001-50,000 gallons$5.95 per 1,000
Over 50,000 gallons$5.53 per 1,000
Water – Outside City – Residential
Usage Charge-1,000
Minimum 2,000 gallons$14.04
2001-20,000 gallons$9.50 per 1,000
20,001-50,000 gallons$8.87 per 1,000
Over 50,000 gallons$8.24 per 1,000

Customer Charge$8.94 (inside city)
$12.58 (outside city)
Health Department Charge$.40
Water Shed Protection Charge$.30
Sales Taxvaries based on current rate

Minimum 2,000 gallons$16.39 (inside city)
$24.59 (outside city)
Over 2,000 gallons$5.74 (inside city)
$8.61 per 1,000
(outside city)
Sanitation $15.50 (inside city)
$20.80 (outside city)
Sales Taxvaries based on current rate

Service Fees
Insufficient Check$25.00
Temp Turn on$15.00
New Deposit Residential$65.00
New Deposit Service fee AM$10.00
New Deposit Service fee PM$25.00
Re-Connect Fee$25.00
Transfer Fee$15.00
Tampering Fee$150.00
Broken Lock$25.00
Broken Hasp$50.00
Broken Meter$200.00